December 3, 2011
Let the fun begin! Bendyworks (Bendyworks 106 E Doty Street, Suite 210, Madison, WI (608) 347-5689 ‎...

Let the fun begin! Bendyworks (Bendyworks106 E Doty Street, Suite 210, Madison, WI(608) 347-5689 ‎ · is graciously hosting this event This was posted on Google+

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October 12, 2011
Finally I get to pick the (Google) font!

Today I got a chance to check out the Google web fonts and so far I'm quite liking it. Google has built a very nice front end. You can see it in action on Here is how it works: You search through the collection of fonts, which is a lot! Currently there are 271 […]

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April 25, 2011
67 days since switching to Macbook Pro

It was no secret that I had plans `one day` to switch to a Mac. The upkeep and maintenance of my windows pc was getting to be too much. The countless security updates, reboots and slow downs was getting me to notice that there are alternatives. Much to the amusements of die hard mac users […]

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September 29, 2008
Sometimes things just make sense - a GTD Approach

Sometimes things just make sense. I stumbled upon this website by David Seah. David and the series of articles he has written,, also contains a little helper called the Task Order Up The idea is simply a visual representation of what's there to be done. Certainly the Macdonalds where David got the inspiration is a good […]

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