I'm reading through definitely one of the better books and PR and Marketing by David Meerman Scott, The NEW RULES of MARKETING & PR; it is really a terrific read. Now you would think this is another post about a book review and the answer is yes.....and no.

One of the oldest techniques in marketing is the interruption model. It can be used many ways to stun the audience or be grossly obnoxious like the new Us-cellular ads that can only be described as dreadful. It's advertising trying to get your attention. Marketing on the internet is a completely different mindset altogether.

If you are in the internet marketing area, the changes that are happening, if you watch the trends closely, are mind blowing. Consumer will research vehemently their choices, check out other peoples experiences, blogs, videos and review websites to come to a decision unlike any of the traditional models.

What chance do you have to get to the market?

Practically none unless you have a plan on systematically educating your audience or have unlimited bundles of money to spend in marketing budgets and you can see examples of that every hour that your television set is on.

So where you get education on how to educate yourself?

Well Scott's book is a good step forward in understanding where you need to go but I would take that ^max. You can search the internet for a good number of marketing courses. I have seen hundreds of them marketed as "Last chance to get the underground course in ..". Fill in the blanks for yourself. Every day, my inbox is full with pitches for the latest and greatest internet marketing course or super gathering seminar. I'm quite sure you have too.

So what if I can tell you that there is a better way?

There is a company here in Wisconsin Dells called Themezoom and it is the best kept secret on the internet. Or worst ever sought after secret in the internet. Themezoom has evolved from a search engine marketing company to a complete business builder software application and has no equal. And in about 24 hours the unbelievable membership price is going to skyrocket!

Aha you say. Isn't this exactly the sales pitch that you see everywhere!

Well yes. That is what it looks like. You are indeed correct.

I am a member of Themezoom or the Themezoom community (there! I said it, now you visit http://jasper.soyousaid.com/). Themezoom is

  • a means and method on how to find what your audience is looking for
  • a way to blueprint your internet model by offering research in hours in stead of months based on a proven methodology
  • offers a ONE OF A KIND business building plan written by a business consultant...I would say guru, AS PART OF THE MEMBERSHIP!
  • and shows you exactly what the potential of your sought after market is
  • and is also paired with a blueprint plan for attacking the social media monster

I could go on for a bit but i think you get the picture. Its unheard and I know it is worth every penny.

So that being said, if you want to find out what Themezoom is all check out

http://www.themezoom.com or the announcement on the changes that are coming at http://www.themezoom.com/cdt/1/

Russell Wright is a friend of mine and the CEO and founder of the Themezoom think tank and I have been fortunate to be part of the beta testing of Krakken, the next generation of Themezoom. I use the software everyday and frankly I'm losing sleep over the possibilities that Krakken has opened up for me.

This is not an affiliate scheme or anything on my behalf, in fact I'm probably better off not telling anyone.

Check it out now before the price of the software triples! As Nike preaches: Just Do It!

Again here is the announcement of the Themezoom blog:


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