Sometimes things just make sense. I stumbled upon this website by David Seah. David and the series of articles he has written,, also contains a little helper called the

Task Order Up

The idea is simply a visual representation of what's there to be done. Certainly the Macdonalds where David got the inspiration is a good place to be for inspiration, a couple of days ago I watched a marketer explain an idea based on the MacDonald's side order "would you like to have a Coke with that". This one is far more brilliant.

I tried the Franklin Covey planner and even attended the workshop but I never quite got the feel for it. Rewriting task lists really don't make a lot of sense and the outlook plugin made even less sense. The problem that I was always having was:

  • A lot of things to do
  • A lot of things that need follow up by contacting people
  • timing is everything
  • time tracking is must for sending out bills

I've mostly used outlook for the first 2 items but synchronizing with my phone would make it go crazy every 5 minutes with reminders. So in the end that was not working for me either.

After reading the Getting Things Done by David Allen, I started using a notepad and started working from that, much to my satisfaction. That is until today!

Now I don't think this is my inner geek trying out new things for a couple of days. I have a rather large board to park these on and once I got started it just starting making perfect sense. And I have worked a job with a rail like writing and processing orders that way.

Any system will work if it makes sense and you keep it up-to-date. It does make sense and will try out the latter part for the next 30 days while I also tryout the

  • Concrete Goals Tracker 2008
  • Emergent Task Planner 2008
  • Emergent Task Timer 2008
  • Task Progress Tracker 2008

More and more complexity in work handling need more and more simplicity in organizing and this is just a perfect fit.

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